Why work for HelloDoc Health?

Let’s make our praised telehealth consultations accessible for everyone. Here’s a few reasons why
our HelloDoc Health GPs, therapists and other medical professionals choose to work with us:

Benefits of working with us

Flexible around your life

Choose where and when you work, leaving more time for what matters most - you, your life, and your family.

Competitive pay

It goes without saying that our medical staff plays a crucial role in the quality of our services, and our pay reflects that.

Clinical governance

Our robust governance structure sets us apart and ensures our service is maintained to the highest quality.

On-site emergency consults

In The Netherlands we provide onsite emergency primary care services for patients in need of urgent primary care. In the near future we will be expanding this service to other countries and regions.

Multilingual and multicultural

Our current team consists of over 15 different nationalities and we provide our services in over 10 different languages across Europe and Africa. Step by step we are expanding our footprint to more countries and regions.

Online team meetings

On a regular basis we host online team meetings to give all our team members updates, share insights, discuss results and progress and introduce new team members that recently joined our international team.

Online team trainings

We organize and host a broad variety of webcasts and online trainings to help you gain new knowledge, expertise, insights and best practices.

Driven by innovation

On an ongoing basis we are developing and introducing new systems, services and products to further improve our healthcare offerings.

Access to medical records

We have a global telehealth platform that allows you to service our customers and patients around the globe. It includes quick, safe and efficient access to patients’ clinical data.

Your peers love us

Many of our HelloDoc GPs and other healthcare professionals refer their friends and colleagues to us, which we believe speaks for itself!

Job opportunities:

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