What we can do for you.

All our services.

Remote Doctor

A remote HelloDoc Health doctor is one that is available online for minor complaints.

On-site Doctor

If you need healthcare at your place of work or home, book an on-site doctor.

Pediatrics Consultations

Our services also aim children aged 2 to 18 years of age.

Mental Health

A healthy mind is one of our top priorities. You are in good hands with our team.

Diet & Nutrition

Kickstart your health with personalised meals and nutritious advice.

Chronic Care management

Get informed advice and care plan for an illness that is longer than expected.


We can prescribe medication to target diseases that can cause unnecessary delays with drugs delivered at home.

Annual Healthcare Plans

Wellness plans to ensure you meet your goals.

Health Check-ups

We do not miss anything that may impact your health with our prevention examination.


A range of laboratory examinations tailored to provide a health plan.


A multi-disciplinary approach means we care about all that affects your wellbeing.

Drug Delivery

We bring a cure to your home through our next-day drug delivery service.

Chaperone Service

When you want that extra security that your complaints are being listened to.

Medical Translation

We understand the importance of health dialogue in your language.

Women's Health

Careful attention to delicate health issues women face and need resolved.

Birth Control

Get personalised information and services that fit you and your plans.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle

We focus on the things that you can and love to do.

Skin Care

Healthy skin is important to us. We have a range of services to treat skin issues.

Travel certificates

Travel organizations require various health documents, we have this covered too.

Adjustment Disorder Assessment

Any new environment needs adjusting to. We assist in this.

Renew your prescription

Get new medication in 24 hours

What We Treat:

A-Z of all the conditions and symptoms we can treat.