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We offer blended-care

We provide virtual health + onsite in-person healthcare and we go beyond the usual telehealth experience. We provide a lifestyle package to boost awareness and motivate changes in your physical, mental and social health. You can directly book an online consult or sign up for one of our subscription services.

Physical/Mental Health

Connect to a health professional any time of the day, weekends and during holidays.

Checkup & treatment

We equip our health professionals with tools to ensure safety and quality of care when a home visit is planned.

Optimal wellness

A team of dedicated professionals are engaged and available to ensure you have the time and expertise for optimal wellness.

Once you arrive in a new country you need a general practitioner also known as a GP. A GP is a sort of gatekeeper to other forms of specialised care. He or she treat medical conditions and provide care for the entire family. Now unfortunately, access to a GP can be a challenge for many new expats or international students due to a lack of GP practices as well as language or cultural barriers.

That is why at HelloDoc Health we offer a telehealth service for when you arrive to a new country like The Netherlands and need a GP. We also give advice and treatment in case you are not able to register with a GP and require non-urgent medical care. And we can diagnose and treat a broad range of medical conditions.

Explore what HelloDoc Health can do for you.

Mental Health


Primary Care

Diet & Nutrition