Military-tested trick to fall asleep in 120 seconds

For many people, it sounds like an illusion: a trick that will put you to sleep in two minutes (120 seconds). Yet this is what many soldiers do successfully every day!

Do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, staring at the ceiling and watching the clock tick by? Then it’s safe to say that you have trouble falling asleep. The following trick, used by many soldiers, may help you. They are said to fall asleep within two minutes thanks to this method!

When you are in the air force, you cannot count on those 8 hours of sleep per night, but often you have to make do with just a few hours. And yet, when you are awake, you have to be sharp all the time. It is therefore very important to make good use of those few hours of sleep and not to lie awake for hours on end. The U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School has therefore developed a scientifically proven way to fall asleep in less than two minutes, despite any disturbing conditions (such as heat, cold, noise or a hard bed).


Falling asleep in 2 minutes

Sharon Ackman of Medium explains: “Everything starts with a comfortable position. We don’t have anything to complain about in our comfortable beds, but soldiers are trained to fall asleep even when sitting upright. Once you have a relaxed posture, it is first time to focus on your face. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply. Relax every muscle in your face and make sure not to frown or pinch your eyes. Breathe out and feel your cheeks, mouth and tongue relax. Release the pressure on your eyes and let them rest in your eye sockets. All this gives your body the signal that it is time to rest.”


Upper body

“Now focus on your shoulders and lower them as low as you can. Feel the back of your neck relax. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, releasing the pressure on your muscles.” Now think about your arms and start with your right side if you are right-handed or left if you are left-handed. “Focus on your biceps and release any tension in them. If this doesn’t work, tighten the muscle first and then relax again. Now move your forearm on the same side and let it relax completely. Then let your hand and fingers lie lifeless next to your leg. Then repeat the same steps with your other arm.”



“Now that your upper body feels relaxed and heavy, it is time for the legs. Give your right thigh a signal to feel heavy as if it has no life left in it. Do the same with your right calf and then your ankle and foot. Feel everything becoming heavy and sinking into the ground. Repeat the same steps with your left leg.”



“Your body is now completely relaxed. The final step is to completely empty your head for 10 seconds. That is, don’t think about what went wrong that day, what time you need to get up or when you need to call your lover. Try to keep your thoughts quiet. You do this by keeping a fixed image in your mind. Picture yourself sitting on a wonderfully comfortable chair in a pitch-black room. Hold that image for 10 seconds.”


Doesn’t this work?

“Then say the words ‘don’t think’ over and over again for at least 10 seconds. This banishes all other thoughts and makes you less likely to wander off. Once you are completely relaxed physically and can keep your head clear for at least 10 seconds you will fall asleep.”


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