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Being healthy is not just about not having a disease, it is also about how active you are and the potential you have to perform the tasks you love doing in life.

In order to be fully healthy, you need to have energy and confidence in yourself so that your body can function to its full potential. This means that you should be able to cope with the ups and downs of daily life. Just as important are having healthy relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. Making time for hobbies next to a pleasant work environment should not be underestimated. And finally, being healthy means that you have a positive look at your current life and the future ahead of you. 


Here are 4 essential things HelloDoc Health does to promote a healthy life
  1. Understand the role of your genetics and living environment: Your health is partly determined by genes – the DNA you obtained from the moment you were born. Another factor that influences your health is the environment in which you live or work in. Even if you live a healthy life by exercising 4 times a day, we take the time to go deeper to look at other factors that may affect your health. For instance, are there people in your direct surrounding that smoke? Such influences can play a role in developing symptoms
  2. Provide a range of tests and check-ups: How can you determine how healthy you are? In many cases a blood test or heart examination such as an electrocardiogram can help determine your health status. Such information is vital to provide medical advice and treatment options to make sure you do not develop any complications. 
  3. Increase your awareness about how your body functions: A body that is physically healthy means that the heart is pumping blood to all organs of the body, the immune system is ripe to attack, muscles are strong and you can withstand moderate physical endurance. Although most of not will never become super athletes, we believe that healthy life begins with that extra 10 minutes of playing football with your kids in the park, or taking 3 flights of stairs at work instead of the lift. You can achieve more health by focusing on the things you are physically capable of challenging yourself even when your health is not optimal.
  4. Provide a safe space to talk about mental health issues: There is enough research that a healthy mind plays just as important a role to your health as a healthy body. Being positive is a state of mind and needs to be trained just as a muscle needs to be trained to become stronger. For instance, stress is an inevitable part of life and is not always the cause of poor health. Not knowing how to cope and overcome stress can in many instances be worse than just the stress itself. 

At HelloDoc Health we go beyond these 4 essential topics to promote your health. The process is the same. We listen to you, ask relevant questions to understand the context of your complaints, we provide you with options and help you become intune with your physical and mental health. The ultimate aim is for you to live your healthiest life. 


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