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We are HelloDoc Health

Your online general practitioner and online mental health therapist. At HelloDoc Health you are always welcome in the evening, on the weekend, and during the day. Ask your questions online to the doctor via an e-consultation or to a healthcare professional via chat in various languages. Or make an appointment online with the doctor for a telephone or video consultation. This way, you only visit your doctor’s practice when necessary. With HelloDoc Health you always have access to the best healthcare for you!

At HelloDoc Health you can organise all of your healthcare affairs online: book an appointment with your GP or mental health therapist, chat with a healthcare provider, request a repeat prescription, or choose any of our broad health services. Just have a look at all of the conditions that we treat.

More information or book an appointment?

Would you like to discuss your pain issues with a doctor or mental health therapist? We have a large team of health professionals that can help you, so please feel free to book a video-based or on-site consultation at HelloDoc Health! Most consults can be covered by your (international) health insurance.

We are here to help you!

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